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Minister Erjavec attends ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh

(Photos:US NATO)

Established in September 2014, the Coalition unites 77 countries and organisations, all of which are members of NATO and the EU (except Malta). Cooperation of Muslim countries is particularly important in this regard, as it means that they are willing to fight against Daesh’s perverse ideology. The discussion consolidated the Coalition’s targets, including the ultimate destruction of the Daesh network in all areas, both by military intervention or defeat in Syria and Iraq, by the prevention of financing, stopping the movement of foreign terrorist fighters across borders, supporting stabilisation and reconstruction of basic public services in liberated areas and exposing the twisted messages and ideology of Daesh. The next step in the Coalition’s strategy is to maintain the military achievements by providing training to partners and through stabilisation assistance, which will improve the resilience of local security forces and communities.


Slovenia actively supports, associates itself with, and participates in, international initiatives and measures to fight terrorism. Since 2014, Slovenia has been a member of the Global Coalition against Daesh, and it also participates in Operation Inherent Resolve with the sixth rotation of members of the Slovenian Armed Forces to provide training for members of the Iraqi Kurdistan military forces (Peshmerga). Slovenia also devotes special attention to addressing the root causes of violent extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. Young people, who are a particularly vulnerable group with regard to such threats, should be provided with positive alternatives, so that they are safe from negative prospects.